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Confetti/Controle by The Holls

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performance with video registration at 37PK Artspace, during 'Avantgarde en de achterban', 3 evenings with events organised by The Holls www.thehollscollective.com

Avant-Garde en de Achterban is realised in collaboration with Liza Swaving en Marjolein van de Ven.
Thanks to 37PK Artspace.

'Avant-garde en de Achterban' is a trilogy of gatherings where the audience is part if the choices which starting The Holls Collective has to deal with. It is an experimental project where themes as  contradictions, choices, possibilities and the friction they cause in our collective are the focus point.

For the second edition of Avantgarde en de achterban, The Holls create a cross pollination : with 150 KG confetti. This performance is about innumerable particles and the whole. About division and collaboration. About making a mess and cleaning it up again. About order and mainly one big chaos. For five hours.






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