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JOJJE, (video) installation, mixed media, video 24:57min , 2014/2015 /2017

This movie shows an ‘interview’ with a Cuban man, who grew up in the slum of Cuba, and whose life is full of big contrasts ; he is poor, but his father is a diplomat in Denmark. His twin sister is white, he is black. He travels from country to country using the advantages of public transport (driving without tickets, but with a passport).

From a Cuban perspective Europe looks like an Utopia, but when he is there, he sees the other side of it. He became more and more active in the political and anarchist movement by traveling around and squatting. He realised by living this alternative way of living, he had to mobilise with other people to fight capitalism, living his own utopia. But controversially, when he get’s sick he is again is depending on the ‘utopia’ from the communist Cuba and the health care there. All the time in between worlds, passing trough people’s lives. As a viewer you don’t know what is true of all of this absurdity, and with that he leaves his mark

everywhere he goes. Jojje Delagarde disappeared two years ago. The story in the squat scene goes that he died of cancer in Cuba.



This work will also be shown at Parksessies, 2017 on the 26th of July and the 2nd of August.

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