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Vagal Tone Resonance

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Vagal Tone Resonance: Disrupting timelines of inadequate monuments and ruins for future profit.

A temporal audiovisual echo of our collective feedback loop, and some other distortions of the locus. Preferably resisting the ordered history of patriarchal capitalism. Just in case, Saskia added some layers over our pre-shaped surroundings to see what can be re-routed. It's supposed to be a synchronous vibration of neighboring or remote objects and subjects by feminist geographical theorization on collectivity, or maybe it's a remix of spatial, social- and legal organization and other contradicting senses of matter, but you're never really sure. What is certain, it's a cut-up collage to take a piece of our collective intelligence to our homes.


How to take (up) space / How to make (up) space? / What do we learn about capitalist
development, past and present, once we examine it through the
vantage-point of a feminist perspective?
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