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VALUE ADDED #2 , 2015 , video project /  installation consisting of video, posters and objects (video : 15:49 min)

Made during residency at Surface Arts in Chiang Mai, 2015

Trough objects and the personal stories behind them I try to find out about a subculture or scene.
#1 was made in my own town at a squatter initiative : Give Away Shop Haarlem. #2 was in the art scene of Chiang Mai. The stories came to me by talking to people and inviting them to my studio. Trough almost commercial looking (infomercial) images and voice over, personal stories are being told. The contrast between commercial (form) and alternative (content) makes the spectator wonder about what is true or not. The video is showing small elements of this alternative society, but also on a larger scale how personal value can change in different circumstances. The personal becomes political.

For more stories about my residency, read my blog here

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