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VALUE ADDED, video installation, 2014
(click for preview1 and preview2)

Thanks to : Menzo Schrik (sound), Guus Rooijers, Gertjan Hulster

The Give-away Shop is a squatter initiative that receives stuff and gives stuff away for free. I work there as a volunteer and I have a squatter background. People bring stuff to this initiative because they see the use of the object but don’t feel emotional attachment with it (anymore). When someone takes an object again, it’s not about the monetary value and not even the uniqueness of it. But he or she just feels attracted to it in a way. Questions like do people take it because it is free, or because one actually needs it, come to mind.In the Give-away Shop, we’ve seen that people can be happy with a thing that someone didn’t want anymore, or that the process of giving their old stuff to the store invokes good feelings. What does having so much stuff around us do to our experience of and with objects? I also wonder if the story behind the object is of importance. If we are programmed to see something worth money, as being worth more, how is personal satisfaction with reused items changing people’s relationship to and value of an object and their consumer mentality? This work shows objects by personal stories told to me in the Give-away Shop, but has the feel of an ‘Infomercial’. What is real value? What is real?


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